Understanding How We Got Here: How Historic and Ongoing Structural Racism Create Racial Disparities

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Course Length
60 mins

NAEH Center for Learning



People of color experience homelessness at disproportionate rates. Understanding why is important to being able to address this inequity.

This is the first course in our three-course Racial Equity Learning Series. You can enroll in the whole series all at once at our Center for Learning front page, or you can take the courses individually.


Your goals in this course will be to learn how to

  • Identify forms racism can take
  • Understand the effects of ongoing racism on people of color
  • Describe the links between racism and homelessness


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion

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Understanding How We Got Here: How Historic and Ongoing Structural Racism Create Racial Disparities
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There was a lot that I was already familiar with, however there was so much more that I was able to glean from the numerous videos, links, charts, and additional resources. Sometimes the weight or sheer reality of a thing does not "hit" you with hearing alone, but the visual disparities of the racial inequities shared hurt to the core. We, Black people, have endured and continue to endure so much, BUT we continue to stand and overcome through it all. I am determined to BE THE CHANGE agent within my community, city, and state! If we work together in truth and transparency, we can realize an end to homelessness and dismantle the system of racism in our lifetime. This course certainly outlines a blueprint to follow! The course is informative, insightful, and empowering! Well done!
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