A Community Approach to Homeless Outreach: Building a Systems-Level Strategy

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Course Length
60 mins

NAEH Center for Learning



As with all homelessness interventions, street outreach cannot really "move the needle" if it is not implemented as part of a systemic response to homelessness. This course describes the important role can and should play in the systemic response and actions outreach workers and systems leaders should take to make it so.


Your goals in this course will be to learn how to

  • Foster system-wide coordination
  • Strengthen coalitions and case conferencing in your community
  • Serve special populations experiencing homelessness
  • Recruit partners outside the homeless response system



By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion

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A Community Approach to Homeless Outreach: Building a Systems-Level Strategy
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Added 4 days ago, by Grace
Added 6 days ago, by Annette
Added 6 days ago, by Umeka
Added 7 days ago, by Patty
Added 8 days ago, by Scott
Added 10 days ago, by Oscar
Very great information, I will use some of this information both for strategies and outreach for the future.
Added 11 days ago, by Barbara
Added 13 days ago, by Tammy
Well planned. The sharing of personal experience was helpful. Was disappointed there was no mention of the faith community and how much they can help. Our community is in denial about homelessness and has been unhappy with our efforts to find and help the homeless. They are finally coming around, but blamed the number of homeless we found on our services - saying our services are attracting homelessness. We met with the city manager and asked him to participate on a task force to look at incentives for constructing deeply affordable housing and he said he couldn't due to the political environment. He's right. Sadly, he would be out of a job. We are beginning to make a little progress, but the City is not too interested in partnering. They just want the homeless to go away.
Added 14 days ago, by Ken
Added 17 days ago, by Anonymous
Really informative and easy content to engage with

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