Providing Trauma-Informed Care in Homeless Response

4 modules


Course Length
2 hours

Rachel Pearsall



Trauma-informed care can help clients stabilize in housing more quickly and can build resilience for both clients and staff. Learn about the causes and effects of trauma and about the 6 principles of trauma-informed care. 


Your objectives in this course will be to:

  • Identify sources and effects of trauma
  • Plan how you'll integrate the 6 principles of trauma-informed care into your work with clients
  • Plan how you'll provide trauma-informed care for yourself and/or your staff (if any). 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion

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Providing Trauma Informed Care in Homeless Response
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Well rounded, complexity is not too difficult, and designed to make someone in the field self-evaluate.
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A very informative course
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