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**NEW COURSE!** Providing Trauma Informed Care in Homeless Response: check it out below!

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Harm reduction helps keep people safe and prepares them for positive change. Learn how to help your clients deploy this life-saving strategy. Read more

You have to connect with someone before you can help them. This course explores the core concepts, standards of care, and best practices that street outreach workers must embrace to build initial, supportive connections with people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. We’ll also talk about how outreach staff members can facilitate clients’ connections with housing. Read more

Take your shelter practices to the next level. Explore the five key elements of effective emergency shelter and learn more about the role shelters can play in ending homelessness. Read more

To help clients, we need to help them feel welcome, safe, and seen. Read more

Outreach works best when you have partners. This course offers insights into how businesses can support or hamper street outreach efforts and how outreach workers and homelessness system leaders can build sustainable and productive partnerships with businesses to improve the community response to homelessness. Read more

Let's do something about racial inequities. This course will focus on action steps. This is the third and final course in our Race Equity Learning Series: you can enroll in all three courses at once by finding the three-course bundle on our store at, or you can take the courses individually.  Read more

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