A Community Approach to Homeless Outreach: Building a Systems-Level Strategy

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Course Length
60 mins

NAEH Center for Learning


As with all homelessness interventions, street outreach cannot really "move the needle" if it is not implemented as part of a systemic response to homelessness. This course describes the important role can and should play in the systemic response and actions outreach workers and systems leaders should take to make it so.


Your goals in this course will be to learn how to

  • Foster system-wide coordination
  • Strengthen coalitions and case conferencing in your community
  • Serve special populations experiencing homelessness
  • Recruit partners outside the homeless response system



By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion

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A Community Approach to Homeless Outreach: Building a Systems-Level Strategy
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Added 6 days ago, by Michelle
This course gave specifics, for a non-trained individual, for each of the essential strategies to building a comprehensive program to end homelessness.
Added 9 days ago, by Melissa
Added 10 days ago, by Josefina
Added 10 days ago, by Anonymous
This was a good high level view of community partnerships and engagement with service providers that work with unsheltered individuals. It provides good talking points for engaging with COC and local leadership and good ideas on how to broaden community connections that could benefit people who are experiencing street homelessness in their path out of homelessness.
Added 13 days ago, by Nataya
This course was very informative.
Added 14 days ago, by Maddy
Super helpful in breaking down community organization networking
Added 17 days ago, by Ana
Added 24 days ago, by Audra
very insightful
Added 28 days ago, by Paige
Short and to the point while still giving great insight
Added about 1 month ago, by Amanda

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